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    Posted on: 11/10/2019

    11th October 2019

    A message from Jeremy Handscomb

    Well it certainly feels a bit more like autumn now, doesn’t it?! Despite the rain and the
    wet playtimes, we’ve had a great start to the year at school. I’ve been able to spend a
    lot of time in classrooms over the past five weeks and I’ve been so impressed with
    what I’ve seen - children working hard in their lessons, enjoying their learning and
    excelling in what they’re doing. We hosted an Open Morning for prospective Year R
    parents last week and the parents who came commented on how calm the school felt
    and what amazing spaces we have to use - I may be biased, but I couldn’t have agreed

    One particular area that the teachers have been focusing on, has been a development
    of the children’s wider curriculum learning and how their science learning can tie in
    with their history or their geography etc. The whole school has used ‘Explorers’ as a
    starting point this half-term and gone in some fantastic directions with it: Year 5
    focused on Earhart and the science of flight; Year 3 thought about the food that an
    explorer would need to power them on an expedition (and somehow ended up at Pizza
    Express as part of their learning!) The result for everyone has been more focused
    learning, enhanced vocabulary and some beautifully presented work. I can’t wait to see
    what happens next!

    We want you to come in and hear about your child’s learning too. Soon after half-term,
    we’ll be holding the first of our parents’ evenings and we’ll send out details next week
    of how to make an appointment. But before then, we’d like to invite you in for an
    Open Classroom session at the end of Wednesday 23rd October. You are all invited in
    from 2.30pm so that the children can show you their work over the last few weeks in
    an informal set-up. You’d be welcome to take your children home early after this. If
    you can’t make it, don’t worry, the children will be sharing what they’ve done with one

    You’ll have noticed that there’s been lots of work going on in the school grounds. Some
    new fencing is being erected around the playground areas currently to further enhance
    our site security. We’ve been working with the scout groups to create a safer edge to
    our boundary and theirs. Over the next couple of weeks, the fencers will move to the
    front of the school to put new fencing around the car park by Year 2 and raise the
    height of the fence around Nursery’s outdoor area. Watch this space!
    As I sign off, can I just remind everyone please that the children shouldn’t ride their
    scooters or bikes on the school grounds - it becomes very busy and we’ve had a couple
    of near misses recently. Thank you - have a great weekend.

    Written by Jeremy Handscomb