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    Mrs Hine (Sahara)

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    Sahara class is a fair, fun, fascinating place to be.

    Sahara class are enthusiastic learners who always try to do their best. Within Sahara class success is celebrated and children are encouraged to constantly reflect and think about how their work can be improved. The children enjoy a challenge, have a thirst for knowledge and are always striving to develop independence when working.

    Sahara class are happy to persevere and are often to be heard encouraging each other when things get difficult. They have developed resilience and realise that failure is the first step in learning and that making mistakes is part of the journey. Sahara class realise that learning will not always be easy but if you put in the time and effort you will get there.

    Sahara children aim to be kind and respectful, they realise that their actions have consequences and are taking responsibility when things go wrong.

    As a class Sahara are always asking questions and enjoy working together to find answers. Everyone has a voice and everyone’s opinion is valued.

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