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Being a Church School

Christian Distinctiveness

The Church of England has a goal that all of its schools are 'distinctively Christian' and that this makes a tangible difference to the lives of its community and the ethos of the school.

At Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, we aim to follow the Church of England's 'Vision for Education', which has its foundations in Jesus' words in John 10 v 10: 'I have come to give life in all its fullness.'

The Vision for Education is built around four pillars: wisdom, hope, community and dignity. We aim to support this in all we do as a school.



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Celebrating God's Story

Each of our classes is named after a different part of the universe that God has created, and each year group has its own theme and Bible verse. The Bible verse teaches the children something about God's character and what that in turn means for us as humans living together. 

Local artist, Sue Lennox, made each of our verses into the most beautiful canvases which are on display in the main hall - see our gallery below.

Year Group Class Names Bible Verse What does this teach us?

Little Explorers (Nursery)

Stars (YR)

Comets (YR)

'He counts the stars and calls them all by name.' 

Psalm 147 v 4

Everyone is special to God and so we must treat everyone well.



'Although you are stained red with sin, I will wash you as white as snow.'

Isaiah 1 v 18

Even though we all make mistakes, God forgives us and so we should be forgiving of others.



'He alone rules the mighty oceans and calms the stormy waves.' 

Psalm 89 v 9

Sometimes life is full of 'storms', but God is strong enough to help us persevere. We should help others when their lives are 'stormy'.



'When He comes, springs will gush forth in the wilderness and streams will water the desert.'

Isaiah 35 v 5

Jesus brings life and love to all who will come to Him. We should bring life and love to everyone we meet.



'God looked over all he had made and he saw that it was good.'

Genesis 1 v 31

God is creative and imaginative and he gets excited by all the wonderful things he has made - that includes every one of us. He looks at us and thinks we are great. We need to look after what God has made.



'Let justice roll like a river and right-living like a never failing stream.'

Amos 5 v 24

Justice and fairness is important to God so we should stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.



'God says, 'The mountains and hills may crumble but my love for you will never end.''

Isaish 54 v 10

God loves us unconditionally. If God feels this way about the people He has made, we should love others like we love ourselves.


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