Remote Education


During the partial school closures of the last two academic years, our teachers worked tirelessly to support parents and children as  they continued their learning at home. We were so grateful to all those parents who continued to use our resources to ensure that  their children kept learning even when school was not available to them. 

As we head into a third academic year during the pandemic, it is once again likely that individual children will need to self-isolate  because they have contracted Covid-19. If a child is not well, we of course do not expect them to complete learning at home.  However we know that some children will be testing positive asymptomatically and may be well enough to access learning at  home. 

On this page, you will be able to find our remote learning plan and in our information for parents; answers to frequently asked questions. 

Please get in touch with the school office if you need any support with educational resources or technology.

A note on feedback from the teachers:

When you upload or 'hand in' work to Google Classroom, it will be checked by your child's teacher and specific feedback may be given (please be aware that sometimes teachers will collate feedback from everyone and give whole class feedback by video or in the daily Zoom sessions and may not comment on every piece of work submitted). Please ensure that you are able to view and respond to feedback by reading the following:

On the 'Classwork' tab of Google Classroom there is an option to view your work at the top of the page. 'View your work' gives the option for your child to view all work that has been set and submitted in one place. When your child's work has been returned, they may be asked to edit it or respond to a comment from their teacher. It is greatly beneficial for your child to address any misconceptions or mistakes from the previous day's learning before they start a new lesson. We would recommend that you start each day by checking for any feedback on the work from the day before.

You may wish to also ensure that notifications of comments are turned on in settings - the cog near the top right of the page once you are logged into Google Classroom.

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Remote Education Information for Parents... 03rd Oct 2021 Download
Remote Learning Plan 2021 22 03rd Oct 2021 Download